Or new Nerine and Neroli rings are a real burst of sunshine! Vibrant lemon-yellow Sapphires ethically sourced from the plains of Central Queensland, Australia and Kahawatta, Sri Lanka set in a choice of Fairtrade 18ct Yellow or White Gold or Recycled Platinum, are coming to Cred for spring summer. The Neroli features Baguette Cut Namibian Diamonds and the Nerine comes in a choice of Namibian or Lab Grown Diamond side stones.

No, sapphires are not all blue! They have a lot more to offer. Part of the Corundum mineral family, sapphires are an allochromatic or other-coloured gem. Their colour is not an essential component of their crystal structure but is the result of different trace minerals found in the ground where they grew. This produces a rainbow of colours, from black through different shades of purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and white, with red sapphires better known as rubies.
Long used in engagement rings due to their hardwearing properties, sapphires are the second hardest gemstone after diamond, which is the hardest wearing natural material known to man!
We source our Round Yellow Sapphires from Queensland Australia and our Emerald Cut Sapphires from Sri Lanka, where iron gives the stones their saturated yellow colour. Both countries have strong government regulation to protect gemstone miners and the natural environment. Queensland is home to some of the world’s most famous yellow sapphires including the Centenary Stone, a 2020ct yellow sapphire found in 1979 and the Autumn Glory, a superb oval brilliant yellow to orange sapphire, with a cut weight of 30.25 carats. Our yellow sapphires are natural and un-heat treated. The best quality yellow sapphires in the world are to be found in Sri Lanka and Australia.

Our yellow sapphires are sourced from small scale mines, where hand tools are used to uncover the gemstones. There is minimal environmental disruption and care is taken to replace topsoil and restore the natural environment, preserving the beauty of the landscape for generations to come. These sapphires and their origins are pristine.
Their sunny colour works in both yellow and white metal settings, to create luxurious and feminine rings. Perfect for anyone looking for a vibrant and unusual design. Non-traditional colours and stone shapes such as ovals and emerald cuts are proving popular. Many celebrities (including Olivia Palermo, Carrie Underwood and Heidi Klum) have plumped for yellow diamond engagement rings. Yellow sapphires provide the same burst of saturated colour -without the celebrity price point!

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