January 21 2016

"The best trip of my life"

It was so special to receive the letters of thanks from the children of the San Filomena Fairtrade gold mining village, after Cred Jewellery sponsored their first school trip. It was amazing to realise the impact seeing some of the sights which we take for granted. Even just the abundance of water at the beach was beyond their wildest imagination.

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Here are a couple of the lovely thank You letters we received, with their translations below:

"Letter to my Beloved godfather"

Dear Godfather, thanks for supporting us to our trip to Cuzco. Godfather we very grateful of the money you sent us. "This has been the best trip of my life", I thank you.
The trip started at 7 am, we went for a swim in the Jaques river, we went for walk in Arequipa, Cuzco, Siarani, Bolivia, etc..
Everyday was better than the last one, especially when we got to Machu Pichu a nice experience that I will never forget. I love you.

Victor is the son of one of the Socios (Directors) of Sotrami, Daniel, who was the one to introduce us to the Class and nominated us as Godparents.

Hola Godfather 

First of all  a huge thank you for supporting us to make a reality this trip. We all had great fun, bought things, swam in a heated pool (she is referring to the Thermal Waters at the Titicaca) and thanks to you we could make one of our dreams come true and visit places like Machu Pichu, the Titicaca lake, Cuzco, the Desaguadero, Juliaca.
In Arequipa we went in a Tourist coach that took us to  a Volcano called "Misti" and a very beautiful valley.
Finally we had a swim at the Camana beach where we caught some crabs and had a very, very wonderful and unforgettable walk.
See you soon Godfather Alan