April 02 2014

March Mine Visit: Part 3

The third instalment from our recent trip to Peru: 


Red Social - Sounds like a communist extremist group. Actually it means Social net. They help miners to progress from informal status to Formal law abiding status. Run by Orlinda and Frederico they are a Peruvian social justice business. They are sponsored by the government and independent groups like Fairtrade, Fairmined and Solidaridad (a Dutch NGO).



I always meet them on my trips to Peru to hear how the mining sector is developing, they are always welcoming and we have become good friends. They help miners who have poor education and little worldly experience to develop  The Peruvian government wants to clean up its mining sector and get some regulation into it. Such things as health and safety, child labour, use of mercury have to be eradicated if the sector is to survive.

Frederico is a patient man in his early sixties who understands the miners and mining. He has the unenviable task of matching the education and development of the miners to the new government guidelines. Time restraints are short and relations are fraught. Currently they have a 14 point plan and they are stuck at point two. This is an industry where a miner earns 1,500 Peruvian Nuevo sol a month, that's £360 to you and me..

Red social do an invaluable job under difficult circumstances they have my unqualified support and appreciation.


We hope to continue to raise awareness of incredible people like Red Social to support their work and encourage more to update their behaviour to become fair and ethical.