April 03 2014

March Mine Visit: Part 4

Cred director Alan Frampton recently visited our mines in Peru, here is Part Four of his trip:


After a night in a hotel in Chala, a mining town on the pacific coast of Peru, it was off to visit the other Fairtrade mine operating in Peru. Santiago the manager came to the UK last October and Cred keeps in contact with them every time we are in Peru. A new road is being built into the mountains towards the mining community. It's 65km long and a welcome respite from the previous off road journeys. The Tarmac ran out and it was still half an hour up the mountains to the village. The temperature was 34c and the sun was hot in the thin mountain air. The village was neat and tidy, only stray dogs walking around looking for shade. Above the village up on the side of the mountain Macdesa have there base.  All the business offices, maintenance workshops, stores and miners Comedor (restaurant).



We spend 3 hours talking to the council of this cooperative. It's helpful to have lived in Spain and so speak their lingo. All the difficulties of mining and working to be accredited are discussed. This is a community of the future as they understand fully what to do and how they must do it. It is a deeply humbling experience to see a group of people sacrifice so much to build a future for a community.

You can find them on google earth on our story page. Again isolated, remote but steadfast.


After our meeting we toured the facility's including there well laid out refining area. This was a business with a good future . They had invested wisely building good quality units including the new Comedor. Buildings out here are basic. They have almost no rain as they are just north of the Atacama desert (the driest place on earth) and little wind. Most of the buildings are gloried wooden sheds. At Macdesa they have built more substantial buildings that will be fit for purpose for a long time.

They are a great company and I hope if is not long before Cred start selling Fairtrade gold from Macdesa too.