March 08 2016

Meet the Miner: Maria

Maria from Solidaridad Network on Vimeo.

Although mining has traditionally been regarded as a male activity, for many generations women have worked as artisanal miners. In fact, there are thousands of women currently involved in the mining industry, either working in it or whose lives are directly affected by it.

Maria Reyes belongs to the Association of Women Mineral Selectors in the region of Arequipa, Peru. She is part of more than 5,200 miners in 8 countries around the world working to responsible mining and improving their quality of life.

At Cred, fairtrade means much more than simply knowing the origin of our gold, paying a fair price and premium. It is about developing long-term relationships that enable the mining communities to develop independently. It is about doing the right thing and enabling people to lift themselves out of poverty. It is this deeper commitment; connection to miners like Maria and integrity of our story that underpins Cred and sets us apart as the most trusted fairtrade jewellery brand.