April 23 2014

All About Me: Love, Design and Bespoke

At Cred, ethical is everything, so we don't stop at creating brand new lines of Fairtrade jewellery. We want Fairtrade to go global, to overtake the jewellery industry and to make a change that counts for something. So we introduced a bespoke service. That means we can create anything you want using totally ethical materials. Need the perfect vintage engagement ring? We can make it with Fairtrade gold or silver. What about that ring you once saw in a shop window but since haven't been able to find and have thought about endlessly? We can recreate it. A gift for somebody you love with a special symbol or engraving incorporated into the design? Cred can make it all and more, ensuring that each piece is crafted with care and is completely kind to the environment and its creators at every stage of production. There are three simple steps to creating your unique piece.

So how do we do it? It's all about planning, consultation and design. You will need to think about what kind of designs you like before you book an appointment to come to our London or Chichester studios for a consultation. After we've booked you in you'll meet Cred's designers and talk about what you're looking for and how those ideas will translate to a unique piece of jewellery. We will provide expert information on materials, diamond cuts, settings, carat weights and size options and work through your ideas until you are totally happy. Each bespoke design is different, uses variations in materials and takes a different length of time to design, so when you commission Cred to create a one-off piece for you we will give you a full personal quote before we start any work.

We’ll begin the design process on our 3D CAD programme to make sure your conception of size, shape and final specification is crystal clear. If you're satisfied with the 3D drawings, your piece will then go into production and you'll head home to wait for its completion. It will be crafted and finished by hand in our UK workshop using only Fairtrade metals from our mining communities in Peru. Four weeks later, you can start keeping an ear out for a call from us as your bespoke item will soon be finished and ready for collection or carefully packaged to be sent to you at home. Cred believed that Fairtrade shouldn't be exclusive; we think it should be for everyone, but in this case, an ethical piece produced by us can be all about you.

Book a consultation with us and visit our London or Chichester studios