April 25 2014

Silver Story: Fairtrade Pioneers

Cred is bringing 100% Fairtrade silver to the global jewellery market. We're inspired by the importance of cultivating local communities and are focused on personal, ecological and global wellbeing. We don't just talk the talk like some companies do, we're making headway every day and are incredibly proud to be making a difference. Last year we introduced the world’s first certified Fairtrade silver. This was huge news for the jewellery industry. Pioneering this material meant that we were the first company to provide an alternative to silver produced through exploitative means.

The Guardian wrote in 2013 that 'despite a difficult economic climate, expanding certification from gold to silver is a 'natural move' that will benefit some of the estimated 100 million people dependent on small-scale mining'. Last year we were in agreement and moving forward, now, we have championed the practice of producing 100% certified Fairtrade silver, working with small-scale artisanal miners in Peru. Since introducing Fairtrade silver we have launched two silver jewellery collections, designed and created by our skilled designer Annabel Panes and our silversmith partners in Nepal.

The framework for Fairtrade silver operates in the same way as it does for gold. Artisanal communities are paid 100% of the London Bullion Market's (LBMA) fix for silver, plus a 10% social premium. Prices are fixed at source and set between the miners and Cred, ensuring that communities benefit directly from the silver's value. This eradicates the potential for exploitative conduct by middle-men or local markets.

When Fairtrade gold was launched, many of our customers told us they had no idea of what the production of gold for western markets entailed and were fully supportive of a change for the better. We know the enthusiasm of our customers will be just as great and far-reaching when it comes to silver. Browse and shop the Cred collections that use Fairtrade silver on our website, proudly tell the story of your jewellery's origins and be part of the change we're making.