April 30 2014

New Collections: Precious Metals

Shine and shimmer this Spring with carefully selected pieces from our new Precious Metals collection. Each piece is crafted from either 100% certified Fairtrade or 100% recycled materials and has been given a big thumbs up by Fairtrade International. Gold and silver are highly valuable materials that have been used for decorative purposes for centuries and it's no wonder, the way they catch the light is, at times, splendid and bewitching. Today, gold and silver retain their precious status. We wanted to celebrate this by rolling out a collection that shows how special gold and silver can be. Reflective, radiant and raw; the natural brilliance of what we mine from volcanic rock in the mountains of Peru can be seen in the newly introduced Precious Metals range.

The collection features all kinds of pieces, from stacking bangles that champion this season's layered metallics to delicate flower and feather pendants, formed, engraved and finished to make the very best of the ethical gold and silver that we use. The collection is also home to a number of specially selected wedding and engagement rings. These are hammered and cut into a variety of styles that optimise the metals' brilliance and make each piece stand out from the crowd.

Our Diamond Cut Wedding band is an exemplary piece which fuses clever design with a sleek, sparkling aesthetic. Inspired by the geometric shapes found in gemstones, this wedding band is cut with facets that reflect the light giving the appearance of diamonds. Available in Fairtrade gold or 100% recyled platinum, this ring puts a contemporary ethical spin on the blinging rings of traditional jewellery shops. Whether you're looking for simple and traditional, or bold and chic, Precious Metals is diverse range that honours the value and beauty of raw precious materials.