May 27 2014

Transparency Is King: How We Operate

Our ethos is rooted in honesty and common sense. It may come as a surprise to you that when you buy something, the proper rules and regulations to produce that item may not have been totally legitimate. Today in the jewellery industry, corners are cut, workers are unfairly paid and communities are exploited. Considering the value of the industry, this just isn’t right. What bothers us the most is that these unfair practices remain somewhat of a secret.


Many brands operate a totally transparent supply chain, which means that the item in production can be tracked and accounted for at every stage of its creation and retail process. Sadly in Jewellery this isn’t typically the case. Cred is proud to provide complete transparency in the way we produce jewellery. We know our miners and their families well, we pay them social premiums for the precious materials they source and we give back to their communities. We are also very close with our artisanal craftspeople, our designers and our customers. Whether you want to call it family or community, we feel it’s important to operate like this.


Our transparency means that information about where our raw materials are mined, who mines them, how much miners are paid, what goes back into communities, who crafts the jewellery, who designs it and how it is produced at every stage is available to us, Fairtrade International and you. Many people don't question the integrity of a supply chain when purchasing a product hence why so many companies go unchecked. That simply isn't good enough. We encourage you to ask the questions that need to be asked and to help us pioneer a Fairtrade standard for the Jewellery industry. Cred should not be the only company working to make a change for the better, we know this and know that you do too.