May 20 2014

Caring For Your Pearls


Whenever you buy pearls from Cred we’ll supply information on how to care for them, but here’s some information as a refresher or for anyone looking into getting pearls for the first time.

Wear your pearls: The best thing you can do for your pearls is wear them as the natural oils in skin help keep them hydrated and shiny. Go for at least once every 4 months.


Your pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off: Wait five minutes between making yourself look beautiful, and putting your pearls on. This is to make sure that they‘re kept away from certain solvents that can damage, discolour or even dissolve them, such as hairspray and perfume. We also recommend that you give the pearls a quick wipe with a damp cloth when you take them off to remove any residual make up or perfume. Other chemicals to keep away from your pearls are chlorine, bleach, silver polish, vinegar and household cleaning products.


Storing your pearls: When you are not wearing them, put your pearls in the protective pouch they came in. This will aid as a protection against any metal or stones in your jewellery box. If you are travelling, put the pouch in the box they came in to protect the pearls from any weight on them.


Cleaning your pearls:
Jersey pearl recommend a quick soak and wipe down with a low concentration of mild washing up liquid in water. This also brightens the silk that can get dirty over time. However, if your pearls are very expensive you may want to invest in an approved pearl cleaning kit.
Where the pearls are set on, or encased in silver, it is important not to use silver cleaner which contains harsh chemicals and could damage the pearl. 


If you follow the top tips above for storing and wearing your pearls you may not need to clean them very often, often soap, water and a soft cloth works wonders. Where the pearl is encased in silver and you can't clean it with a cloth, and you would like to use a product to care for your pearl, then Jersey Pearl offer a pearl spray, which is also jewellery spray and good for the silver.

Pearl necklaces and bracelets that are strung on silk over time will need to be restrung as the silk can stretch and become discoloured. Simply send your Jersey Pearl rows back to them after you have had them 2 years and they will do it for free.


Most of all – enjoy your pearls, they’re a wonderful gem and are perfect for every occasion.