June 21 2014

White Gold vs Platinum

One of the most asked questions we get from couples choosing their wedding rings is about the difference between White Gold & Platinum.

What is White Gold?
Your ring is a composite of metals which make it the right density, but with the majority of one metal. Your Cred ring will come with a label telling you the exact contents of the ring, and the origin of the Fairtrade gold.

White gold is yellow gold mixed with palladium. It is the palladium that makes the gold white. We have a high palladium content to our metal, meaning it is internally white and therefore doesn't require the rhodium plating which many jewellers do. So your white gold wedding ring from Cred will remain that colour its whole lifetime.

And Platinum?
Platinum is naturally white, and comes out of the ground white. Platinum is harder wearing over multiple years, so often chosen by those with a manual job. It is rarer and it is heavier. Relatively more weight (around 40% more metal) is needed to create the same ring, so can come out more expensive.

The platinum in Cred rings is 100% recycled rather than Fairtrade, as a Fairtrade alternative is not currently available.

Which metal to choose for your wedding ring is up to you, but you'll need to make sure your engagement ring and wedding ring are made from the same metal to match, as platinum is slightly whiter than white gold.

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