June 24 2014

Get the festival look

Tickets arrived: Check
Tent begged/borrowed: Check
Now to start packing... Here is our list of essentials for that festival feel:

Wellies, complete with colour/pattern/flowers: It may not look like it, but you'll be needing these. You know the British weather. Even if it dosn't rain, you are less likely to get your toes jumped on in the crowd in these bad boys.

Accessorise, Accessorise, accessorise: That's our mantra. A pendant on a long chain will jazz up any plain vest top. Then those bare arms will need some dressing, with some funky stacking bangles to compliment your weekend wrist-band. And then finish off with a summery pair of earrings.

Get the look with the Treasured leaf locket in Fairtrade silver, Hex stacking bangle, Twisted Hex stacking bangle, Branch bangle & Ful flower earrings.

Complete the look with a trilby & sunglasses.

Oh, and don't forget the tent pegs...