June 24 2014

The World's First Jewellery Label

Introducing the world's first content & provenance label for jewellery.

As part of our pioneering drive for transparency in the jewellery industry, Cred have become the world’s first jewellery company to fully disclose the contents of the jewellery, and the source of the silver & gold. No other jeweller is telling you, the customer, exactly what is in the product and where the main metal comes from.

Since 1989 it has been legal requirement in the garment industry to disclose the contents of the fabric, and the source of manufacture. Yet, even with the comparably higher value of precious metals, until now there has been no standardised transparency for jewellery.

Cred was the first jeweller offering a transparent source of gold in 2002, and now becomes the first to label jewellery with the metal composition. The content of Cred yellow gold, white gold, Fairtrade silver and recycled silver have been independently verified by the Birmingham Assay Office and disclosed for labelling the jewellery. In addition to the usual hallmarks on the rings, you will receive the label as part of your information & packaging with the jewellery.

The gold in Cred jewellery is always Fairtrade. The Fairtrade gold and Silver come from Peru, and the recycled silver is from Derbyshire, UK. The Cred white gold has high palladium content within the ring. The advantage is that the composite metal is whiter, meaning there is no need to plate the rings, and so no discolouration due to wear.