July 10 2014

Look what we just got...

We've just been to the airport to pick up our latest shipment of Fairtrade Gold from Peru. We love that we can literally track it from the mine to your ring. This is just one of the reasons we have won national awards for our sourcing of precious metals & ethical supply chain.

Most of this gold will be used for Cred Fairtrade wedding & engagement rings, but some we will pass on to other jewellers licensed to use Fairtrade gold. We are excited about the difference this gold is making, and that more jewellers are coming aboard. Today we paid $6000 in premiums directly to the miners' community so that they can invest in their childrens education, in health & dental services, and infrastructure to enable them to receive drinking water by road each day.

Now you can understand why Monica has such a big smile on her face.