August 07 2014

Your Beach Essentials


We know that the key to beach style is packing light - so as many pieces as possible have to be multi-functional. That goes for shoes, clothes & accessories.

A scarf that will double as a sarong, pashmina & hair-band will be your best friend on holiday, whether lounging on the beach or out & about in town. You never know when it will need to change it's function.

A pair of pretty sandals will do just as well on the beach as they will in the bar. Then there'll be no wasted time popping back to change.

A pendant is just not practical on the beach - especially with all that sunbathing. It'll just end up around your ears. So we've stuck to acessorising with; Fixed-drop earrings that just ooze summer style, quirky tie-cord bracelet with silver charms which won't fall off when you're surfing, & statement silver ring (but pop it in your purse when sunbathing or you'll have a massive tanline!)

A couple of quality books that'll last you & inspire you.

A little spade - for when you just need to make a sandcastle / bury your partner's legs whilst he's asleep...