August 12 2014

The first wedding at the gold mine

Over the years we have worked with Sotrami we regularly visit them and get a snapshot of their life and work, but we thought the best way for you to get a snapshot into their daily experiences was for them to tell you directly. So using this blog, the miners and member of the San Filomena community will share something from their memory or daily life to show how they live, the perspective through their own eyes as to how Fairtrade has made a difference in their family and finances.It makes sense that we start with Héctor Huamán Chauca, the former president of the Sotrami miners co-op:

The First Wedding in Santa Filomena

How to forget the year 2002. I had four children and all of them still lived with me. My oldest daughter was excited to fulfill her mothers wishes, organized a surprise marriage (first marriage in Santa Filomena), to coincide with the festival in honor of the Virgin of Santa Filomena.

I remember that the whole Santa Filomena community attended and my wife made a rich carapulca and dry soup for all the people.

The fiesta for the Virgin of Santa Filomena is organized every year with tournaments and marches throughout the week. We have had some great quality the tournaments in the past, which nowdays I have not seen it yet.

Community relocation

As the work and community has grown and developed, we decided to relocate our homes to a less polluted and more organized area with homes made of prefabricated materials and some of them with fine materials too. We also implemented more rigid standards in the community, like banning drinking alcohol during working days.

As a more solid company we have recently implemented at work more modern machines the make the work easier for the miners. Overall the company took the initiative to start building our processing plant percolation but initially that did not work, making the decision to change to agitation, and today we are implementing it even more, hoping that the prestigious SOTRAMI SA company of which I am part follow the path to success.

Thanks Hector!