September 16 2014

Fairtrade Gold is taking off

Thank You.

You guys are obviously making your jewellers think.

A few weeks ago, we organised for the UK to receive it’s biggest ever import of Fairtrade metals. It is already making it's way around the country to various jewellers to be made into Fairtrade gold and silver jewellery.

Demand for Fairtrade metals is growing month by month, ensuring the miners receive a fair price, decent working conditions and the bonus of a premium to spend on improving their community & way of life.

This is what bullion bars of unrefined 9kg of gold and 11kg of silver looks like. All Cred metal comes from the Sotrami mine in Peru and is available for jewellers to buy to make their designs in Fairtrade gold and silver.

It is now easier than ever for jewellers to sign up to the Fairtrade Goldsmiths scheme and offer Fairtrade metals to their customers, so keep demanding this of your jeweller and spreading the word about Fairtrade gold.