September 25 2014

Get the Look: 20's inspired jewellery

With every new season of Downton Abbey, we renew with vigour our lust for vintage jewellery. As the period reaches later into the 1920's, we see fresher and more exciting fashion & jewellery emerging.

The style of partying and dancing changed, calling for more freedom in movement of dresses and jewellery - tassels and long necklaces looked impressive with the Charleston. Our Hanga Heart chain necklace is a classic 20's style long chain necklace.

Silver jewellery perfectly complements the cool blues and purples of the classic 1920's colour pallete, and groups of bangles were popular with the new cut of dress and sleeveless designs. Our silver Wrap bangle is as perfect on the wrist as it is higher up the arm, and the Ankular Bangle has the hint of Art Nouveau scrolling on the ends - with the added bonus of being in Fairtrade silver.


The process of culturing pearls was discovered in 1916 so by the mid-twenties freshwater pearls were becoming much more affordable and appeared frequently in jewellery, especially the long-row pearl necklace. We love the Twenties Ritz drop earrings & pendant from JerseyPearl, with the pearls adorned with silver chain loops.

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