October 02 2014

New: Fractured Light Collection

As the evenings turn darker, we look forward to the season of celebration. Think fireworks, sparklers, New Year...

A bold & graphic collection, Fractured Light captures the essence of light using a creative combination of Fairtrade silver & gold. We are really excited about this collection, which reveals an edgy side to Fairtrade jewellery.

The ethical jewellery collection is made from certified Fairtrade Silver - the only silver available which is traceable back to source, in Peru. The Fairtrade silver is mined in the Andes mountains, then taken to the capital, Lima, where our jewellery pieces are made.

The key pieces in the Fractured Light collection include:

- The statement silver Fractured Light locket with graphic engraved pattern and cut-out segments, revealing the Fairtrade gold plated interior - A piece destined to be cherished down the generations.

- Pendant & earrings set with the Sparkling Hidden Star motif cut-out.

Browse the full collection here