December 02 2015

Planning your Christmas Proposal

Ok, ring sorted (You did see Part 1 of our Christmas Proposal Guide: The Engagement Ring, didn't you?)

Now the tricky bit – the story that will be retold to generations down the line...

The proposal.

Do you want the proposal to be public or private? Do you want your Christmas proposal to be just the two of you, or a grand gesture in front of the whole family, or a bigger crowd than that?

Think about your partners personality and the things they like to do and people they hang out with...It might give you a clue. Check out some of our ideas below for more inspiration.

Creative Christmas proposal ideas:

- Put the ring box right in the toe of their stocking so it's the last thing they open whilst you are all lounging about in your PJ's on Christmas morning.

- Wrap the ring box with ribbon and attach to the Christmas tree as a tree ornament - put a label on with your partners name and ask them to hunt for it on the tree. Be on one knee when they turn round

- Tie the ring with a ribbon around a sprig on mistletoe. Hold it above the two of you for a kiss, then ask your partner to look up.

- Wrap the ring box in increasingly larger boxes to prolong the suspense...

- Write your message in fairy lights on the lawn, then after dark have a light-switching on ceremony. You may need to ask all your friends to borrow their lights (and extension cables) - suspicions may arise when none of the trees in your street have any lights on anymore...

- Take a photo of yourself holding a sign saying 'Marry Me' then have it framed. Wrap it and give it as one of your gifts. No doubt it will end up on the wall as a lasting reminder of your romantic gesture of a Christmas proposal

- Keep an eye on the weather – can you combine it with a sledging trip down a hill? Have a competition to shout the loudest on each trip down, and when it is getting really competitive shout ‘Will you marry me?’ – your partner won’t be able to shout any louder but will be rendered speechless! Just don’t drop the ring in the’ll be forever trying to dig it out.