December 04 2014

Gifts for your Love

There is always the challenge to give an original gift with a full quota of sentiment attached. Here are some of our choices of gift for the love of your life; sibling, 'bestie' or lover...

The Spinner Pendant reveals a hidden message when spun by the wearer. A secret messageĀ  of Love', 'Hope' or 'Peace' between the two of you.

A gift that shows how well you know them - a first edition of their favourite book, original prop from their fave movie, or painting of a special place.

A locket pendant containing a secret - you don't have to go for the traditional lock of hair!

Does she give you butterflies? These heart studs are a modern take on classic heart jewellery.

A secret message inscribed around the finger - the Be Mine ring is set with a diamond

The ultimate gift of a lifetime would obviously be an ethical engagement ring...

But there are plenty of other ideas on our Pinterest board, or search for 'Love' in our Jewellery section.