December 18 2014

Thank you - The difference your support has made in 2014

Imagine life without the buffer of sick pay.

Or an ambulance service.

Or electricity.

In 2014, with your support through buying Fairtrade certified gold & silver, the community at Sotrami no longer have to face those hardships.

To receive the Fairtrade certification, our mines have to reach minimum standards of safety, wages & ecological standards. They are already much better off than the millions of informal miners around the world.

However, with the premium they receive, they are able to improve their situation further, in their isolated community, as well as for the mine.

In 2014, the San Filomena community decided that their Fairtrade premium would provide:

 - Electricity supply for the primary school, secondary school and the hospital clinic. They now have a reliable way to run computers, lighting and vital equipment.

 - Social payments to families where the income earner is sick. Most recently they are supporting a family where the main income earner has parkinsons disease.

 - A 4x4 ambulance. A vehicle with on-board equipment, able to manage the terrain at the top of the Andes, and with the speed to make the difference of life or death to an isolated community.

 - One-off relief - buying food during the informal miner's strike in the spring, when the Sotrami miners were not able to get to work due to road blockades.

...and that is just for starters.

So thank you for your support, and for choosing Fairtrade.