January 15 2015

Say 'I Do' to Fairtrade

Love jewellery?
Care about people?
The answer: I Do

We're hoping people all over the country will be saying 'I Do' with a Fairtrade gold wedding ring, after a a campaign launched by Fairtrade saw golden statues bracing the cold to make a human ring of gold outside St Paul's cathedral.

The morning light rose on the human ring of gold, in which each person represented a link in the gold supply chain. Passers by took photos on their phones - all part of raising awareness of Fairtrade gold and the effect that choosing a Fairtrade gold wedding ring could make.

15 million artisanal miners around the world produce 10-15% of the supply of gold, often under dangerous working conditions, and receiving little pay. By aiming for 50,000 couples to choose Fairtrade wedding rings, over £650,000 would support mining communities, improving their health, education & lives.

Bishop Michael Doe was on hand at St Pauls to endorse Fairtrade, along with Amy Ross from Fairtrade who explains more in this video:

So, over to the designers who use Fairtrade gold & silver - an exhibition of creations from a whole range of designers and price ranges, from wedding rings to elaborate sculpted art. The event is curated and hosted by Cox & Power, and open for anyone to go and browse at their Chiltern Street showroom, Marylebone, for the next 2 weeks.

So what can you do? These 3 quick things...
 - Share the video above on your Facebook page
 - Send any friends getting married over to ido.fairtrade.org.uk to get inspiration for their wedding, and to browse the range of designers
 - Go into your local jewellers and ask them to provide Fairtrade gold & silver designs in their shop.