February 19 2015

See the other half of the story

In the 21 years it has been going, Fairtrade has revolutionised how we shop. By seeing the faces of the producers behind our coffee & chocolate, we are adding another dimension to our everyday necessities: The other half of the story - of the journey from seed to store.

The jewellery world has been one of the last to join the party. Cred has been working since 1999 to make sure we can show you the other half of the story. We don't agree that gold & diamonds only hold glamour if it is shrouded in mystery. Transparency allows everything to be open and under scrutiny so there is no opportunity for exploitation.

By showing you the other half of the story you can see the faces of the miners and understand the hard work that goes into creating the value of those precious metals & gemstones.

We love to share with you the stories of the miners, the school teacher and shop keeper, showing you the difference your purchases make and the way the Fairtrade premium is spent within their community.

We speak to the miners every week. Is there something you want to know about? Let us know and we can ask them.