May 20 2016

Tap into the Talisman Trend


Embrace this seasons talismanic trend with our Signature Charm Collection, brimming with amulets for a truly magical look. Effortlessly layer the mix and match selection of charms for a personal and unique combination to wear and treasure every day.

Let your talismanic journey begin in the majestic, lush landscape of Peru, the inspiration for the collection and where we source many of the Fairtrade metals which make up our jewellery. Each amulet is filled with meaning and designed to be collected and treasured, or given as tokens of friendship and love.


The Unlock Your Destiny key amulet, marries Fairtrade silver and Fairtrade gold plating, evoking the sun and moon in its simple design.


Conjuring the ancient Incans and travels to Macchu Picchu, the Free Spirit turquoise charm is a vibrant design set with a beautifully veined turquoise gemstone. Perfect for adding a splash of colour to any charm collection.


Our Forever and a Day charm is a detailed celebration of the scarab beetle as an ancient symbol of protection, captured in Fairtrade gold plated silver.

Shop our full collection of Signature Charms, including butterflies, oyster shells that open to reveal little pearls and dragonflies, here.