February 24 2015

Meet the miners: Ana Maria

As we invite you to 'See the other half of the Story', we'd like to introduce you to some of the people who saw your gold in it's rawest form, and are part of the mining community at San Filomena. Today you get a snapshot of a day in the life of the female workers:

Ana Maria Providencia, President of the Association of Pallaqueras, has lived in the town center of Santa Filomena approximately for about 12 years. She is 28 years old and the wife of one of the major shareholders of the Company Sotrami and together they have two children.

From very early in the morning she does the household duties and prepares breakfast for her husband and get ready the children for school. The "pallaqueo" work she carry out it is very convenient because it allows her to concentrate in her household chores in the mornings. From to 2pm until 6pm she works out on the rocks, searching for any gold in the rocks which have been discarded by the main sorting machinary, and using this rock to landscape a new area for the community to use.
After work she prepares dinner, reviews quietly her child's homework, and rests until the next day.

Mrs. Pilar Robles Cusi, 30 years old, has been living more than 5 years in the villages and also works as pallaquera in the evenings. In mornings she works in the house and stays with her 2 children. Her Husband works in one of the contractors companies used by Sotrami. They keep a quiet life without worries since the income of both help them to maintain a good quality of family life.