March 05 2015

Meet the Miners: Zenobia Quispe de Condo

As we invite you to 'See the other half of the Story', we'd like to introduce you to some of the people who saw your gold in it's rawest form, and are part of the mining community at San Filomena. Today you get an idea of some of the roles of the women behind the scenes:

Zenobia Quispe de Condo of 52 years of age living in the Village of Santa Filomena. For the last 28 years she has dedicated herself to her grocery shop "The Twins" and to her home-life. She lives with her family, and her husband is a partner in the company SOTRAMI SA.

Zenobia also belongs to the "ladies committee" organization that is only composed of wives of members of the company SOTRAMI SA. The organization assume a leading role within families. For many years women have been deferred only assuming responsibility for the children because of the physically demanding nature of the mining work. The discomfort among coworkers within the company at the role of women suggested such a need that the committee was created.

The premium paid on the gold is used to develop the community, at their choosing. The development of the food & 'convenience' stores has been vital to a community isolated up in the Andes. Read more about the Fairtrade Premium