February 26 2015

2015 Wedding Trends: #1 Teal & Grey

Far from being dull & lacklustre, it seems that unnumbered shades of grey are popping up in weddings this year, paired with pops of bright highlights. Yellow & grey has long been a wedding combo favourite, suitable for all seasons, and now teal joins the ranks.

What we love about this colour theme is that it is just as perfect for a beach wedding or a city wedding. It just depends how the colour is used. Bold single tones are modern, whereas a range of tones of the two colours will make it more dreamy.

Wedding Inspiration:
 - Use coloured glass jars around the venue to hold candles or flowers.
 - Teal is a colour to suit all skintones, so is perfect for your bridesmaids.
 - The leaves of succulents have a beautiful dusky teal colour. Combine with white roses and tie with a grey ribbon to complete the look.
 - A teal sapphire is an unusual stone, making a refreshing change to the classic diamond engagement ring, but one you will never tire of showing off.