March 19 2015

What would you do with $30,000?

That is the question the community at San Filomena will now be asking themselves, as they have just received $30,000 on Fairtrade Premiums after the UK made it's largest order yet for Fairtrade Gold.

It is so exciting to see awareness of Fairtrade gold growing after all the years of hard work Cred have put into creating getting the ball rolling. Demand from you guys has led to jewellers putting in orders for the gold, and we recently brought in our largest shipment yet - 15kg! And this is what it looks like:

This shipment alone is enough to produce 3750 Fairtrade gold wedding rings.

The social premium from this shipment was nearly $30,000 which will go towards improving the lives of the people who produce this wonderful gold high up in the Andes of Peru.

In 2014 the San Filomena community substantially improved their healthcare and education using the Fairtrade premium; including making electricity available all day in the schools and clinic, buying computers and an emergency 4x4 ambulance suitable for their terrain & distance from hospitals.

So, what would you do with the money?

We can't give each of you $30,000, but how about £150?

We will give you £150 back if you buy a pair of wedding rings. Simply choose any two wedding rings from our collection before 30th April to qualify.