April 09 2015

2015 Wedding Trends: #2 Ombre

Gone are the days of having all the bridesmaids in one colour, with matching shoes & hairbands.

Ombre is the subtle & stylish way to have your favourite colour, but without overload. The blending of colours very close together adds a softness for a more ethereal look, perfect for a country, fairytale or beach wedding. And it works with absolutely any colour, even black to white.

The ombre look means you don't have to forever carry a geeky swatch of your chosen colour with you (which would quickly have elevated you to Bridezilla status) but you know that subtle tones will enhance the scheme. Also, your bridesmaids will love you, as they'll get to pick the variation of the colour that suits them best, and in a style that they know they'll wear again.

Princess Solitaire Ethical Engagement Ring

If you have a trilogy engagement ring, or a solitaire with stones in the shoulders, then those stones can be set from deep colour in the centre to transparent. This would work particularly well with sapphires and tourmalines. Get in touch for a bespoke appointment to discuss your ideas with our head designer, Annabel.

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