June 14 2016

Meeting the makers...

Here at Cred we think it is of the upmost importance to keep a strong connection with our gold supply chain when it comes to making our beautiful jewellery. From the miners who source our gold to the factory workers who shape it, we make sure the process that brings the jewellery from the ground to your shopping bag is completely transparent and 100% fair. This means we take regular trips to visit all our Cred suppliers, to make sure everything is in order. One such trip was our recent visit to Peru…


The first stop on the trip was to visit a school in the mining village of Macdesa. In July 2015 a terrible fire swept through the village, destroying many of the houses and buildings including their local school. Cred helped the school get back on its feet, replacing many of the resources by raising money from the jewellery industry that went towards a new computer room. It was absolutely wonderful to see the students enjoying the new facilities and the impact the new computers are having on their education. During school hours the children have access to the computer room and in the evening the mothers and women of the village use the facility to learn how to use computers as well.


Then it was a long drive up to the highlands of Peru, where we were warmly welcomed by the Sotrami miners. Building strong relationships with the workers who collect the raw materials that make up all of our beautiful jewellery is hugely important to Cred and our ethos.

We had a fantastic time being shown the inner workings of the mines, how the miners mine the gold and the process that goes into selecting the materials. We were also there for the birthday celebrations of the village which has been in existence for 29 years. The village works all year round and the only 2 days a year that everyone has off together is for the birthday celebrations. Its a cultural extravaganza with processions and local Peruvian dance competitions.


Finally, we rolled back down the mountains to Lima to pay a visit to the jewellery factory, Arin SA. Located in Lima, this is where the majority of our jewellery is made into the stunning designs specified by our Cred creative team. All our silver that is a by product of the gold mining is taken to Arin SA and this is where we make all our silver jewellery pieces including the Signature and Iconic ranges that we launched earlier this year.