April 28 2015

Alan's Ugandan Diary - Part 1

Transport if not Uganda's strong point. After a long flight and an even longer drive, Alan was sat still on the one road used to transport all of the country's produce, people & products. There is no rail system, and few internal flights.

His one mission for the trip earlier this month was to work out the details of exporting the Fairtrade Gold from Africa, once the first African mines are certified Fairtrade in a few months time. Th challenges of logistics were hitting home and it was not looking positive.

But despite the challenges, the two mines he visited were run by friendly, optimistic, hard-working & organised teams, with dedicated individuals and a plan of action of where they see themselves going, and what they want to achieve. Best of all, the mines are working together, toward the same aim of becoming Fairtrade certified and gaining access to international markets and a fair price for their gold.

As well as securing a logistics plan for the future exports, Alan got to channel his DIY energies, helping to fix a generator set up to remove water from the mine.

You'll be glad to know that the rush-hour traffic soon got moving on that logged Ugandan highway. Fred, Alan's ex-state-driver, snuck in behind a government convoy going at top speed through the traffic, causing Alan to hold on for dear life...

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