May 01 2015

Oh HEYY May Day!!

May day marks the beginning of summer, and god knows we have all been waiting for it!

May Day is a festival which traditionally celebrates the village, its people and its live stock as well as soil fertility. It is celebrated with flowers,dancing round may poles and plenty of romance, which sounds like an ideal way to spend our Bank Holiday weekend, wouldn't you agree?

We have found lots of inspiration from old images of what has happened across the years on this day, but mainly we have been loving the Maypole aspect of it all...lots of colour and romantic union, now thats right up our street.

We even created our own Maypole to put our new Fairtrade silver and gold Tying the Knot jewellery on.


It is tradition to crown a May Day Queen at these events too, who will be your May Day Queen?