May 11 2015

It's a Dirty Gold War

Sometimes a film comes along that really shows the world as it is.

The sparkling displays in jewellery shop windows are a far cry from the livelihoods of indigenous communities in gold rich lands.

Dirty Gold War was made to highlight the issues facing communities when unrestricted gold mining moves into the area. The people in the film have been affected by mercury spills polluting their water & their health, been denied access to the land they have owned for generations, or facing eviction due to erosion of habitat.

The ariel footage of the irreversible damage done to the banks of the Amazon are truly shocking. All due to individuals trying to scratch out a living in poverty by illegal mining with uncontrolled use of chemicals.

See the trailer:

Dirty Gold War - Trailer by fifdhgeneve

Amongst many things, the Fairtrade gold standards ensure that:
The mines are legalised - so no unauthorised mining can take place.
Mining is done in a sustainable way - so there is no destruction of the environment
Chemicals are used safely & in a controlled environment - so there can be no adverse risks to health or the environment.
Mines work towards a future of totally chemical-free working methods.

Read the full Fairtrade gold standards here.

Dirty Gold War was released at the Geneva International Film Festival & Forum on Human rights in March 2015.