September 10 2015

Monica Crowned 'Shop Floor Star 2015'

We've always known she was a star, but this week the rest of the jewellery industry agreed with us and crowned our dear Monica Shop Floor Star 2015.

At the Professional Jeweller award ceremony at the International Jewellery London show, 21 finalists and 6 special awards were presented with their trophies, but one stood out amongst them all...

Not simply confined to the shop floor, Monica is an integral part of the Cred family, and the key link between the UK operations and the miners in Peru. Her fun & flair is what makes it so easy for the miners to get on with her, and for us to hear more about how Fairtrade is working for them, not merely the business side. Her bilingual abilities mean she spends hours translating contracts and documents perfectly.

Monica with one of the women miners (Pallaqueas) in Peru in May

And when she is on the shop floor, Monica's passion for Fairtrade and the ethos of the company is quickly understood and adopted by the customers, who also love her ability to choose the perfect piece of jewellery to suit them.

Here is what Sales Director Sabrina said about her:
Monica’s energy and passion for our gold story are infectious, helping customers understand the transformative power of Fairtrade gold, and the inherent beauty of the jewellery made from it. As the longest-standing employee of Cred, Monica has been part of the training for each of the boutique staff, sharing her deep understanding and passion for the Fairtrade gold story. As Cred is based on a transparent and personal approach from the mine to the customer, Monica has a crucial role in communicating this to the rest of the staff and on the shop floor. Her stories are always told with a sparkle in the eye.

When asked what she loves most about her job, Monica explained: “What I love the most is the people. When I say people I include the miners who I recently visited in Peru – it makes my job 100% more worth it. I also mean the Cred team who are fantastic professionals and who continually help me to develop my career. And of course the customers who allow me to be part of their story and happiness while choosing engagement or wedding rings.

You can read more about what Monica gets up to behind the scenes on this previous blog post.

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