September 24 2015

Hitting the Hot 100 again

Image by Kalory Photo & Video -

Once again, Cred Jewellery is listed in the Jewellery industry's Hot 100 list.

From his last appearance on the Hot 100 list as an industry Trailblazer, Cred Director Alan Frampton has been using his personal experience in the gold supply chain, and his relationships with the miners, to promote the benefits of Fairtrade gold widely to other jewellers. His influence, integrity and respect meant that this year Alan was listed in the Hot 100 as a Business Big Shot.

Under Alan's direction, Cred Jewellery has imported and sold increasingly more Fairtrade gold, sent the USA's first ever shipment of the certified metal, and is expecting to import the first ever Fairtrade gold from Africa later this year.

There are now over 200 jewellers in the UK using Fairtrade gold, and that list is growing. This month saw the beauty expert Liz Earle launch her collaborative Fairtrade jewellery collection with Cred Jewellery, and increasing the sphere of recognition for fairtrade gold & silver. Each new jeweller on borad grows awareness for the certification, increases the sales for the metal, and therefore improves the lives of the miners and their families.

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