September 30 2015

Meet our Metallurgical Chemical Engineer

Miss Miriam Poma. 
Head of the Metallurgical chemical laboratory. 
Before she joined the first ever Fairtrade mine Sotrami in 2013 she was working for a cooper processing company  as a part of the analytic department. She says at first It was hard to work in a male dominated field where most men would not like the idea of having a women as a superior or even just as a collage.  At some points she even felt like giving up but gradually she gained respect due her hard work, despite the pressure of the daily tasks she faced.
Her initial position as supervisor gave her the confidence to progress in her role, and now she is head of the Laboratory at the Sotrami processing plant.  She feels that as a women on a mining community you have to be determined to stay there and prove yourself, and the rest will fall into place as she knows she has the exceptional skills.
Miriam has a desire to keep learning because the technology involved in her job requires an ongoing training . She likes to apply her knowledge to the company and loves seeing how her knowledge grows with the business.
"Being a woman does not exclude us from anything, everything is wanting to change." Miriam.
She believes Fairtrade is such a good support for the workers of Sotrami and its community 
Her role is so key to what Cred do and everyone at Sotrami as every time gold is sent to the UK she ensures that each bar has a unique identification code and a break down of what is in each bar. This is so we know when it comes to the UK how to refine it and also extract the silver from the bar so we can then make lots of lovely Cred jewellery.