September 30 2015

Independent & Proud

Independent Magazine Fairtrade Gold Article

One of the elements that makes Fairtrade such a trusted and admired brand is that they certify the holder has been through an audit that is thorough and, above all, independent.
The mark shows that the ethical and environmental claims made by the holder have been substantiated by 3rd party auditors with high standards.

This month the first African gold mine has received it's Fairtrade gold audit, being scrutinised in many ways - that they have safe practice, no child labour, fair employment & pay, and good management of supply chains. The mine in Uganda is the first of the nine mines from three countries who have taken part in the pilot project to acheive the Fairtrade standard for gold mining. We hope to hear the result of the audit soon and then Cred Jewellery can bring the first African Fairtrade gold to the UK.

James Ashton from the Independent travelled to Kenya in May with Cred Jewellery's Alan Frampton, and reported on his findings for the Independent. You can read his article about Fairtrade Gold mining in Africa here.