October 20 2015

Celebrating Fairtrade Gold from Africa

Fairtrade goldAs we are on the cusp of importing the world's first Fairtrade gold from Africa, Cred Jewellery was part of a day celebrating the designers and miners that are making Fairtrade gold a reality.

Liz Earle and Fairtrade Gold Miner Josaphine
The day, hosted by Facets PR in London, showcased Cred Jewellery alongside jewellery designers who champion Fairtrade gold. It also featured a panel of speakers from all parts of the Fairtrade Gold Africa loop; Josaphine Aguti from a Ugandan mine, Gonzaga from Fairtrade gold Africa, & ethical businesswoman Liz Earle, who recently launched her first full Fairtrade gold collection made by Cred Jewellery.

Liz Earle Fairtrade Jewellery
After running a beauty brand well known for it's ethics and provenance, Liz Earle chose to make her Fair & Fine Botanics jewellery collection out of Fairtrade gold because it is the best source of independently certified gold, and is an internationally recognised mark. But more on that later....

Fairtrade gold miner Josaphine
Sitting alongside Liz was another inspiring woman, who has seen her community transformed by the arrival of Fairtrade. Since joining the mine aged 12, now aged 40, Josaphine Aguti from Busia United mine in Uganda has seen the most progress in the last 2 years, empowering women miners, formalising the mine & working with Fairtrade to develop health & safety standards, and aiming for the eradication of mercury use. She is looking forward, saying 'I can see a positive future for my family'.

alan Frampton Cred Jewellery
Alan Frampton was on the panel of speakers due to his years of experience in international business, importing gold and running the Cred Jewellery brand. He spoke of the need to build the confidence of miners who have spent decades being marginalised by governments & local traders alike. He emphasised the importance of building relationships with openness and 2-way trust before doing any business. He has met Josaphine many times from his visits to all the mines in the Fairtrade Gold Africa project.

Come back soon to hear more of Josaphine's inspiring story.

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All photos by Paul Martyniuk / Anarchy Photography

Fairtrade gold mining in Uganda

Liz Earle Fairtrade jewellery

Liz Earle speaking about Fairtrade gold

Cred Jewellery Fairtrade rings