October 22 2015

Where love stories collide

We pride ourselves on transparency, and say to our couples 'You can visit the mine any time you like'
But we weren't expecting this to happen...

Emily works with NGO's in Lima, and when her boyfriend Adam came over to visit her from the USA they decided to take a trip up the mountains.
On their visit up the Andes to a little community called San Filomena, Adam started scrabbling around on his knees, and suddenly presented Emily with a little box. This was the result:

Fairtrade ring proposal Peru

You can even see the words 'Sotrami' spelled out in rocks on the mountainside.

Being the kinda guy who likes to be prepared, Adam not only had the engagement ring, but also a set of wedding rings - made by Cred Jewellery in Fairtrade gold sourced from that exact location in Peru.

Afterwards he told us
"Just wanted to let you know that everything went perfectly with the rings and the proposal. The folks at Sotrami gave us an excellent tour and Emily was thrilled with the rings and the proposal. Thanks so much for all your help!"

All our couples are guaranteed a ring with Fairtrade gold sourced with transparency & integrity, and a ring with a story which joins your own as you exchange them on your wedding day. Adam & Emily will also have the memories of seeing that story for themselves, and embracing it as part of theirs.

We love a romantic story, and this one ticks all the boxes!