October 22 2015

Liz Earle shares her inspiration

After creating her successful beauty brand 20 years ago, Liz Earle became synonymous with natural ingredients and ethical sourcing. So it was important that her entry into the world of jewellery enforced these values.
Liz Earle jewellery inspiration
At the Fairtrade gold day last week, Liz Earle was grilled by the press as a member of the expert panel about her decision to create her first full jewellery range with Cred Jewellery from Fairtrade gold, and this is what she had to say:

"No-one wants to wear the wages of suffering. In my beauty products I have to label every little ingredient and it's source. I couldn't believe the lack of traceability in jewellery."

Liz he went on to talk about the fact that it was the ethical sourcing that drew her to work with Fairtrade. Fairtrade gold is the only ethical accreditation which is independently audited, allowing complete consumer trust. The mark is also recognised worldwide.

Liz Earle Fairtrade jewellery
Liz Earle launched her Fair & Fine Botany jewellery collection in collaboration with Cred Jewellery. based on her long-term love for natural botanicals. Each exclusive, exquisite piece of Liz Earle Jewellery is botanically accurate, can be adapted and worn in different ways and is made by Cred Jewellery in Lima from Fairtrade silver, then with Fairtrade 24ct yellow gold & rose gold vermeil.

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