December 05 2015

Fairtrade Only

The first ever Fairtrade only press day happened last month, a refreshing shift for the Jewellery industry and a strong sign of things to come. Our own Alan Frampton was part of the panel that were taking questions from the audience as well as explaining the impact Fairtrade gold has on peoples lives. Jospehine, one of our miners from Africa was also there talking about the direct positive change it has made to her communities lives.

To have this sort of press day dedicated only to Fairtrade gold enables the message of what were are doing to really get out there. Without awareness we can not make the changes that are necessary to stop the trade of "Dirty Gold", and to rid the industry of its un equal relationships that it has established over centuries, that create poverty, ill health, and corruption.

The aim of this press day was to educate people on the difference Fairtrade gold can make to communities , and really get the message out there about the importance of transparent supply chains, an area that is quite often over looked in favour of the right price or a pretty design.

Collectively with other Fairtrade jewellers and with your support we can make an impact in our industry, and be the voice of the change that is required.