December 23 2015

The Years Review


Its that time of year when you really start to think about what exactly it is we have achieved for the past 12 months , and what it is we are wanting to project for our year ahead. 

We have been thinking long and hard here at Cred, and we have to say we really do deserve a pat on the back, I mean we still have a long way to go in the grand scheme of things, but as we all know by now, slow and steady wins the race. 

It all started with the " I Do" campaign back in January 2015, which helped us get the message out to thousands of people who never even knew that Fairtrade gold was an option when buying jewellery. To be able to spread our message and raise awareness of Fairtrade gold was a fantastic start to the year.


We also saw a  64% increase in sales in the first quarter, which gives us and our miners great confidence it what we are trying to achieve; to create transparent supply chains, safe working conditions and for the miners to receive market value prices for their gold. So we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for this support.

The support has helped us to plough ahead with our Fairtrade gold Africa project. This project was hugely helped in the early stages by Comic Relief funding, but as this year has seen an increase in support from you all, this means demand for Fairtrade gold is getting greater which means we can buy more gold from the mines, and the miners directly benefit from the premium they receive. I hope you would agree is a great leap forward for Fairtrade gold and the communities that are evolving positively as a result. We are very much looking forward to receiving the first Fairtrade Gold shipment from Africa in the first half of 2016.

The month of May saw Annabel our designer, Monica who works on our shipments and Alan take a trip to Peru to visit the miners and their communities. Monica was super excited to meet the people she talks to on a weekly basis with her job, and the friendships she has created with everyone who works at the mine suddenly became a real thing, not just a cyber friendship. The photos Annabel captured of this trip really showcased our connection we have with the miners and how much respect we have for one another. 

We were definitely not shy of Awards this year too, back in July Monica won the professional Jewellers Shop Floor Star Award, which she found very humbling, especially as Monica is great with our customers and always goes that extra mile, so to be acknowledged for her hard work was really satisfying. We also got highly commended as Ethical Jeweller of the year, and won the award for Engagement collection of the year for your Grace range. Great Work!!! 


2015 has also seen partnerships flourish with Liz Earle, a exceptionally passionate women who has now become an ambassador for Fairtrade Gold. Her first ever jewellery collection was created in collaboration with us, and it truly was a beautifully delicate range. Liz also attended the First ever press day dedicated only to Fairtrade Gold. This was a great day as we got to see the movers and shapers in our sector, all out there campaigning against the "Dirty Gold War" and creating jewellery only in Fairtrade or Fairmined materials. To have a press day solely dedicated to Ethical jewellery helps us to see the momentum that is happening in the industry, we cant wait until next year!!


 And finally we have ended the year seeing a 300% increase in Fairtrade gold sales, and that is not just the stuff we sell!! This means that you guys are becoming more aware, the word is spreading and Fairtrade gold is now something people think about when buying their jewellery. Great News!

I do believe our job here is done for the year. Although we are not the types to stop because we are tired, we will resume again in January but this time we will be moving up to the next step. Be warned!! 

Merry Christmas everyone, and if you are reading this you also deserve a pat on the back, as this year you have supported mining communities get safer working conditions, an equal wage and improved quality of life. Congratulations!!!


Cred Team