January 05 2016

3 Resolutions you have to follow...


New Year, New Start?

Time to start those new years resolutions...

Has your diet commenced yet? Productive life changing motos been taken on board? and your party shoes hung up? 

Here at Cred HQ we have been talking about the concept of "resolutions", and we have come to the conclusion that as a whole we are very good at resolutions, but only the type we know we will stick to, ones that wont attempt to change our personality traits, but rather help change peoples lives and the world we live in. Don't get me wrong, my waist line does need to slim down, but it should be done in a sustained way, a way that doesn't make it feel like a chore and in the long run will make greater change. 

So here are the list of three resolutions we have come up with for 2106, which are more an extension to our life long goals which will help us grow and hopefully you can follow too.

1. To shop less and shop better.To ensure we know where are products come from and the quality is high.

2. To think of others more, and what we can do to help.

3. Be part of the change. To ensure we leave a healthier planet for generations to come.

To do this we will be checking our labels and place of origins of everything we buy, although we do do know exactly where the gold has come from in our jewellery, as well as our stones and our silver, so that is one less thing to worry about.


Thinking of others more is something that often slips in our fast pace lifestyle choices as our To-Do lists get as long as our arms and time seems to be stolen away from us, which is why combing routines with something that can also help others is often the easiest and most affective way to do this. For us, we get re assurance that when ever we buy gold from our miners we not only give them their market value price for their gold, but we also give them a premium to help their communities develop. We hope that this year we can sell more gold so we can donate more to these mining communities and in order to achieve our resolution of thinking of others more.


And Finally, to be part of the change. It often seems like whatever we do is a drop in the ocean compared to what others do, but it is important to remember that if everyone was to think like this nothing would change!! This year we will continue to work on the impact mining has on the environment by ensuring mercury and cyanide are used less and less in the extraction of gold from the ore, and alternative methods are put in place to do this.  New technology is being developed which would mean would mean zero chemical usage, so our goal is to be able to provide enough premium to the mining communities that they can afford to but this technology.

We hope we have inspired your new years resolutions and you maybe join us in the same three!!

Happy New Year

Cred Team