January 05 2016

Cred Founder awarded MBE

Greg Valerio, founder of Cred Jewellery, received an MBE in the Queen's New Years Honours list 2016 for his work in Fairtrade Gold and with gold mining communities in South America and Africa.

Greg Valerio Cred Jewellery Receives MBE
Photograph: Richard Saker/Observer

Cred Jewellery was founded by Greg after he visited a garnet mine in India & realised something needed to be done to reform the jewellery industry and reveal the truth behind the glamour of luxury jewellery.

He sold Cred Jewellery to now-Director Alan Frampton in 2010 to concentrate on campaigning for jewellery supply chain transparency and to work with the Fairtrade Foundation in developing the standard for Fairtrade gold. Cred has worked with Greg in Africa, developing the trade routes for the newly certified Fairtrade Gold to reach the marketplace.

Of his MBE he says "In agreeing to accept this award, I do so in the knowledge that there is a long list of people, too many to mention here, whom I am greatly indebted to. Without them there is no Fairtrade Gold for which an award can be given."

In his statement pioneering miners, industry heads, campaigners & jewellers are thanked equally by Greg in working together to improve standards, increase visibility in supply chains & make it happen on the ground.

"Jewellery and justice are not incompatible and lost to each other. The great challenge we now face is to forge a new luxury jewellery narrative that connects the aspirational emotion of the purchase with the dignity of the source. This is true luxury jewellery, a legacy of peace, justice and prosperity for the communities at the source and a continued celebration of design, creativity and love in the gift that is given."