February 28 2018

Cred Jewellery Celebrates Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade gold was launched in February 2011. Since that date, Cred Jewellery have ONLY used Fairtrade gold in all their wedding and engagement rings. We are passionate about what we do and do not compromise our ethical standards. We are Fairtrade Master licensee’s. That is to say we import the Fairtrade gold and only sell beautiful jewellery made from Fairtrade gold.

We wanted to be able to tell our customers the difference that Fairtrade makes to the communities that we buy our gold from. In the 7 years, we have been working with the communities in Peru, we have paid over $350,000 in Fairtrade premiums.

Currently the rate is $2,000 premium on every 1kg purchased. This has had a dramatic effect on the communities.   

We currently buy our gold in Peru from Macdesa. The mine is 650km south of Lima in the Andes mountains. The community is very isolated but thriving.

Last year, with the help of the Company of Master Jewellers, Cred facilitated a sewing machine workshop for the women. They now make all the uniforms for all the local workers which mean they get a chance to earn extra income for their families.

Cred brings in shipments of around 18kg at a time. This will contain 15kg of gold and 2.5kg of silver which occurs naturally in the gold seam. We use the Fairtrade silver for prestigious customers who help us promote Fairtrade gold. Cred makes the medals for the Archbishop of Canterbury and we make all of Liz Earle’s jewellery. We are the only jewelers in the UK who travel regularly out to the mines to maintain a commercial relationship with the them. When we bring the gold into the country we make it available to all the other licensee’s so that UK consumers have a choice where they buy their gold from.

We work very hard to encourage the miners in the development of there working practices and of the community. See our video of the Peruvian mines by clicking on the link below: 


We are also working in Uganda where the mines and production is much smaller. The first African Fairtrade gold came in last year and we are working towards helping them become mercury-free. The Syanyonja Artisanal Miners’ Alliance were the first to become accredited by Fairtrade. The volumes are much less at less than a kilo per shipment, but within a year we hope to get to 4-5kg a month.

In November 2017, we signed a supply contract with them, so that the UK has access to Ugandan Fairtrade gold. This is a development project that is already getting high level government attention for its work to eradicate mercury and improve health and safety. We have completed two commercial shipments and hope to do the third in April. We have interviewed a mining engineer named Richard who explains the process in the link below:


Cred is the pioneer of Fairtrade gold and we believe that the Fairtrade independent accreditation system is the best in the jewellery world. There system will give you gold that you can trace right back to the hole in the ground it came from and that you know it was produced responsibly. This transparent supply chain enables conscientious consumers to buy engagement rings and wedding rings in the knowledge that the gold is free of all forms of exploitation.



By Alan Frampton