March 21 2017

Cred Jewellery ; No other jeweller like us!

Cred Jewellery ; No other Jeweller like us!

We offer customers the most unique jewellery experience in Europe. We are the only jeweller with a relationship with the mining community that produces our gold. Most jewellers do not know where their gold comes from, they hide behind labels like recycled or responsible suppliers.

At Cred we believe in sustainable, quality, relationships with our friends who mine our gold. We do this by visiting the miners every six months in Peru. We also keep in contact with them and the community over Facebook, Skype and telephone. In fact our participation with these communities exceeds any other company in the UK.

Several members of our staff have been to the mine so they can also share the experience with customers when they come to us for their wedding and engagement rings.

We sell gold from mines that are Fairtrade accredited . This independent certification protects the miners and their families by ensuring best practise in what they are doing.
It covers health and safety , not having child labour, being paid a fair price , traceability ,
and receives a premium of $2,000 a kilo. The premium goes towards social action projects within the community.

When we first started visiting the mines in 2011 they had no mains electricity, no running water and they lived in wooden huts like garden sheds. The community was perched on top of the Andes at 2500m above sea level in one of the driest places on earth just north of the Atacama desert. Everything was basic but the community wanted to build a better future for the next generation. They have worked hard together for their children.

Now, six years later they are starting to see the benefits of this cooperation . Mains electricity is in, the schools are developing fast with computers , the clinic has got more facilities than ever before and they have started building houses using bricks.

Thirty years ago these miners had nothing, they would collect 40Kgs of rock and then carry them down to the local village 40Kms away to extract the gold and hopefully earn enough money to buy food. Their determination and resilience has been exemplary.

The problem is that there are about 30 million small scale miners in the world who are earning under $2 a day and for them the system is the same as it was for our Peruvian miners 30 years ago. They produce between 300-400 tonnes of gold a year between them , a significant portion of the world gold supply. These people toil day in day out to feed there families. They are uneducated and get exploited by the traders who manipulate them for there own gain.
So next time you or someone you know are considering buying a gold ring…STOP…..ask them “Where does the gold come from”… Ask for fairtrade gold and come to Cred….we will tell you the exact history of the gold in your ring and what is happening in the mining community this month.

This summer we hope to be the first company to bring Fairtrade gold out of Africa too. Another milestone in the history of Cred Jewellery. We have been working with the communities out there for the last three years, their story is remarkable, more of that next time.