January 30 2017

The Pioneering Ethical jeweller

Alan on one of his trips to see the miners


Unbelievably in 2017 most high end and high street jewellers have no idea where their gold and diamonds come from.

 The World Bank states that there are around 30 million small scale miners.

These men, women and children are working in appalling conditions, exploited by traders for one to two dollars a day.

 You as consumers can choose where your purchases are made. If you are buying a Wedding ring or an Engagement ring, symbols of commitment and love, how much better would you feel knowing it had been produced responsibly and that the miners who produced the raw materials had been paid fairly and were working in safe conditions.

The majority of the jewellery industry is turning a blind eye to any responsible sourcing in the pursuit of profit. Gold from dubious sources is getting into the supply chain and being labelled as responsible when it is anything but.

How much happier would you be if you knew that the Gold and Diamond in your ring were certified independently that it came from responsible sources.

Only Cred jewellery has a relationship with the small scale miners. We visit the mines two to three times a year…we speak to the people, the teachers, doctors, mothers and leaders. When you speak to us we can give you first hand reports of where and how we get your gold and silver.

 Cred Jewellery is the most transparent, ethical jeweller in Europe. We handle and design your ring ourselves from the moment it is mined as raw material in the Andes of Peru to when it is put on your finger. All our supply chain is audited by Flo cert the Fairtrade auditing body. Not only do we talk the talk……we walk the walk.