December 13 2016

Luminous Engagement Rings

Our new Luminous Collection of ethical engagement rings is the perfect choice for a proposal she will never forget. This beautiful range of solitaire Fairtrade engagement rings features unique, handpicked ethical diamonds sourced from Canada, set into Fairtrade rose and white gold or recycled platinum bands. The full collection is made up of five new designs which offer a stylish re-take on traditional engagement rings, incorporating geometric shapes and fine lines with solitaires and square cut diamonds.

Luci Solitaire

The ethically sourced 1ct brilliant cut diamond is flanked by 10 additional 1mm stones lining the outer edges of the Fairtrade white gold setting. Further single diamonds embellish the slim rose gold band to create a magnificent contrast of colours - a masterpiece worthy of any bride-to-be.

Luna Solitaire

The Luna ethical engagement ring has a striking design combining Fairtrade white gold and rose gold to frame a beautiful 1ct ethically sourced diamond. Nestled either side of the focus stone are four 1.2mm diamonds adding extra sparkle to this stunning ring. Using geometric shapes and large brilliant cut diamonds, this is a show stopping ring that is the epitome of style and grace.

Stella Solitaire

The geometric, octagonal Fairtrade white gold setting of the Stella ethical engagement ring allows light to shine directly through the heart of the 1.5ct ethical diamond, placing the focus on the stunning brilliant cut stone. Framed in a unique faceted setting, the ring combines contemporary design with timeless elegance.

Luminous Solitaire

Inspired by the glamour and style of the art deco era this stunning ethical engagement ring is enough to take anyone’s breath away. At its centre, a large 1.5ct ideal square cut diamond creates the main focus with 14 smaller ethical diamonds forming a beautiful geometric design gently sloping to the shoulders. The perfect choice for timeless chic.

Lux Solitaire

This striking Fairtrade engagement ring is reminiscent of the elegant style of the Edwardian era. A hand picked ethically sourced 1ct diamond sits at the heart of this Fairtrade ring, accented beautifully by two 2mm diamonds on either side which are in turn surrounded by a halo of ethical stones. The cut out design of the 18ct white gold band gives this stunning engagement ring a look like no other.