September 02 2014

Demand for Fairtrade Gold Soars

The UK has just received it’s biggest ever import of Fairtrade metals as demand rises from jewellers and consumers.

Cred Jewellery, the UK’s largest Fairtrade gold supplier, has just received their largest shipment yet, and is seeing demand grow month by month.

The shipment, including bullion bars of unrefined 9kg of gold and 11kg of silver, comes from the Sotrami mine in Peru. It is the biggest shipment of Fairtrade metals ever received in the UK.

As importers of the majority of the UK’s Fairtrade gold, Cred Jewellery aims to encourage jewellers to sign up to the Fairtrade Goldsmiths scheme and offer Fairtrade metals to their customers.

Cred Jewellery CEO, Alan Frampton says
“Consumers are driving this demand for a fully transparent supply of gold. They want to know the story behind their rings. Since there are now over 100 jewellers registered for the Fairtrade Goldsmiths scheme, the public are getting to know Fairtrade gold is available, and here is the evidence.”

Sales of all Fairtrade products reached £1.78bn in 2013 and awareness of the Fairtrade Mark is high, with 78% recognition among UK consumers.


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Note for Editors

As well as providing gold to jewellers and refiners in the UK, Cred Jewellery are the largest retailer of Fairtrade jewellery, including wedding & engagement rings.

For more information or hi-res images of CRED Jewellery, wedding & engagement rings, contact niki{at} or 020 3176 7836

In sourcing our materials we seek full transparency from mine to retail.
- All our gold is certified Fairtrade and supplied by our fair trade partners the Sotrami mining cooperative based at San Filomena, Peru.
- Cred jewellery collections from April 2013 are made from Fairtrade silver. Previous collections are made with 100% recycled silver, the most ethical option available at the time.
- We use natural stones and very rarely they will be heat-treated.
- Our diamonds wherever possible come from fully traceable sources. Read about our precious metals & stones.

Fairtrade is an independent ethical certification guarantee of a product which has been responsibly mined and that miners are working in good conditions. The premium paid for the precious metals (Gold, Silver & Platinum) ensures a good price to the workers with additional funds to invest in their community. More information can be found at

Cred Jewellery:      020 3176 7836